Thermal Massager Customized For Your Body

It's Smart Innovation

⚫ The CERAGEM Master V3 applies a spinal scan technology that has never been used in any conventional automatic thermal massagers. Also, it has the APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) that has an automatic function of going up-and-down that makes sure that your body adjusts to the thermal massager.

⚫ The CERAGEM Master V3 has six intensity levels and 12 massage programs. Therefore, you can personalize it according to your physical conditions. The CERAGEM Master V3 is an automatic thermal massager accompanied by music that can help you relax psychologically and physically.

Spine Scanning

While the internal projector moves along the body from head to pelvis, it measures the length and the degree of your spine, suggesting the most suitable massage to your body. By running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates chi points around the spine.

Ceragem V3

Katil ini merawat tulang belakang dan menggabungkan 5 konsep iaitu :

Berikut antara mode rawatan Katil Master V3 :

Mode 1
Mode 2
Mode 3
Mode 4
Mode 5
Mode 6
Mode 7
Mode 8
Mode 9

RM35 / sesi (Wanita sahaja)

  • Tempoh rawatan setiap sesi 1 jam 40 minit (3 mode)
  • Pakaian (seluar & baju) warna putih (kalau boleh).
  • Sila bawa alas sendiri (putih)

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